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How to access internal company resources with Windows 365?

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I was just watching a video from Microsoft on the new Windows 365 cloud PC, and in that video they briefly discussed how the Windows 365 PC is designed for hybrid environments allowing users on their cloud Windows 365 PC to access internal company resources, however, they didn't go into any detail on how to do this.

I'm thinking this may be a good solution for permanent remote workers, such as salesmen, however, they will need to access the files on our internal file server.

Can anyone share some information on how the Windows 365 PC will access these internal resources? I got the impression from the video that it's not just by using a VPN client like a remote user normally would, but some other way that Microsoft has designed this to work. I can share the video if that helps.

Thanks in advance!

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We had the same requirement; to get it working, I used a virtual network that was already setup in Azure with access to our internal network resources when I created the "On-Premises Network Connection" in Microsoft Endpoint Manager...

Note that the users need to be in the On-prem domain for now (according to a response to one of my questions, that may change after the first of the year).


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The prerequisites for Windows 365 enterprise is to have an Azure subscription and create a VNET within that subscription that has line of sight networking access to your AD domain controller, most often you will need to create a Site to Site VPN connection between this VNET and your network that has your AD domain controller. Your Cloud PC's will be AD domain joined and they will also be on your same network as your other resources.
Thanks for the response guys. I figured it was going to be something like that. I was wondering if Microsoft had added some feature like SD-WAN or something that would have allowed seamless access to internal company resources, but I guess not.

Site-to-site VPN is a pretty old and standard way of doing this. I feel the video was a bit misleading in the way they presented it, making it seem like they were doing something special to allow this to work better.

Anyway, thanks again for the info!