Conditional Access Policy for Mobile Client's


Problem Statement - Customer want to restrict access to Cloud PC based on Location & IP Subnets. He also want to leverage MFA to access Cloud PC.


Is there way to apply conditional access policy to access Windows 365 Cloud PC using Azure Active Directory for mobile (Android & iOS) clients. There is Windows 365 & Windows Virtual Desktop Clients in the list of Application in Azure Active Directory and conditional access policy is working fine for those but it is not working for mobile clients. 

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You may set conditional for users instead of applications so no matter what device they are using whenever they want to login, it will check the policy. Is there any requirement like you have to set it for an special application?
In case this is not working in your scenario, you should file a bug report.



Thanks Reza, but if we set conditional policy for user it would be applied for all application access by that user. I want conditional policy to be applied only while accessing cloud PC by that user. 

Thank you for the clarification and you are correct.
I believe this is a missing feature and I advise you to share it as an idea and explain your requirements and request this feature.
In case you observed any other missing requirements , make sure include them in your idea.
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