Windows 11 Pro (DEV channel) Insider and Windows 11 Pro / MS ISO install on overqualified hardware

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Let me start by this... are you(Microsoft) COMMUNISTS? :))


BILLy boy could possibly open the GATES of freedom for the **bleep** TASKBAR!?


I mean what's wrong, what twist of fate is this?- to get the Taskbar STUCK on the bottom of the screen?! Not even the Apple DOCK does that, though most people have no clue how to move it!


But to get it stuck to the bottom with option to align left?!



Next is task switching... I have 32GB of RAM, 16 hyperthreads and I like to open 50 windows, tabs and office and browsers! And 21:9 ultrawide monitor.


WHY is the click on taskbar items SO BROKEN?! 


It won't show me opened Chrome, Excel windows, I need to Alt Tab and select the desired Window.



MICROSOFT you might as well tell me you designed Windows 11 for your cartboard junk Surface stuff, over the moon priced cheap made... as so far it's absolutely NOT funny to be an 'insider'. 


I am lazy to reinstall, so why not allow me to revert to a previous version? Beta Testing for free... whatever, it's actually lots of hassle with Whatsapp stopped working, no ease of multitasking and some other things crashing like SteelSeries (mouse) App and MSI Afterburner borking into oblivion. 


So... what's the resolve? Any chance your utter thickness or boredom experiment into 'will we piss people off by blocking the taskbar to the bottom of the screen?' EVER END? 


As I have moved the taskbar to where I have it for 10 years, the top of the screen, and now I can't send you any feedback as you commie b'strds will tell me it's not supposed to be there and not supported, therefore my choice can break your test-in-progress software without quality assurance. 


I want a reward for your Insider program :)

You can PAY ME and I won't use EDGE! It's still JUNK, it always will be, it's some trait of your incompetence, that the browser is always wrong from MS! 



SO WHY MAKE IT SO NOT FUNNY(easy, a choice) to change default browser in Windows 11? 

AGAIN - are you communists? Do you believe you hold the ultimate truth and wisdom when it comes to the 'browser'? Your trackhistory of failure in this respect is like...'since forever' and 'always'!


In order to remove NOTIFICATIONS from junk / adware type infestations in Edge, you have alot more trouble then in Chrome for example... and that's why EDGE is and always will be broken. And your Outlook email servers are so often compromised from within, it's weeping sad!


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