Windows 10 or 11 slow logon after Hybrid

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my setup,


1. on-premises ad domain 2016

2. Azure Tenant / AzureAD-EntraID

3. using AADConnect to sync objects

4. system boot-up and signin is all fine till the time machine is not converted to Hybrid

5. as soon as client machine become hybrid it is observed Windows Sign-in is very slow at times taking more than 5-10 mins ?????

6. I know there is a concept of PRT as soon windows client is hybrid

7. but many a times during the day it is very quick to unlock / signin and at times it is very slow

8. we use zscaler client connector zcc agent on machine for all external DNS / HTTP requests

9. Is this a known issue ??

10. requesting for your valuable feedback thanks....

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@Himanshu Singh 

I have the same problème, have you find a solution ?

Yes, I am working on this, as soon as i have more to share i will,