How can I increase the size of Windows 11 system dialog boxes and the system font in them.

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Hello! I can not set the normal size of the system dialog boxes. At a resolution of 1920x1080 (recommended) in Windows 11, they are very small and in small font. Very difficult to read.

I tried to increase the font in the settings (accessibility), but then the font becomes very large in other places on the screen, and the size of the dialog boxes does not increase from this. They remain very small. When the system is rebooted, the font becomes very small again. Tell me, please, what to do?
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You should be able to right-click the desktop and open the Display Settings. In the settings pane that shows up, look for a setting called 'Scale', its under 'Scale & layout'. There you can select a different scale for your monitor. You can follow the instructions on the Microsoft support page on 'how to change your resolution in Windows'  if you prefer.

@Vladmor47 Hi,

The easiest way is to change the settings with the slider - you can do this in System Settings -> Accessibility, set larger text (this will automatically change the scaling) also in applications and other screen elements.

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Changed the text size to 185%. On the screen, the text becomes very large, but the size of the system dialog boxes remains small and the text in them is very small, difficult to read.
The resolution also changed, the text size in the system dialogs remains very small. In applications (Lister) linked to the system text, it is difficult to read.
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This is the next step is System Settings, display, enable custom system scaling proposes 145% (You have to manually enter the zoom) then log out, it is necessary to make changes, write if it works?

Change Display DPI Scaling Level in Windows 11 Tutorial | Windows 11 Forum (

The scale is set to 150%, the display resolution is 1920x1080 (recommended). Reduced text size to 120% in accessibility options. On the screen, the shortcuts became large, set small icons.
Now the system dialog boxes are normal size and the text in them can be read normally.
Thank you for your advice. The settings were successful.
Sincerely, Vladimir.