update problems

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After yesterday's update my crucial program runs 10-20x(!) slower. Task manager shows no unusual CPU or memory usage and this laptop has a huge amount of free RAM (> 120 GB). When I instructed the system to uninstall the update it just reinstalled it upon reboot. I REALLY need to fix this.

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Let say if you uninstall the update and restart the PC, does it fix the problem?
Do you know which update caused this issue?



It is the latest update. I uninstall it and without asking me it just reinstalls it. Sort of like bedbugs or cockroaches. It is severely impacting my business and it is not like Microsoft would be accesible to help me.


Additional data: all major apps like file explorer, my web browsers and microsoft office apps are set to normal priority while my crucial software is set to high priority. Reiterating, this has occurred only after the latest update: KB5034204

Additional attempts. Disabled updates completely in windows services. Then uninstalled this update. Restarted the computer and it reinstalled the update again. Anyone here know enough to fix this??
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Have you tried pausing the Windows Update for few days?
Roll back to the previous version and check if the pc runs faster or not. You have 15 days left to make the switch.