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I won't update to 11 until the taskbar can be moved to the right sides of my monitors.  I don't want it taking up valuable vertical real estate.  I feel very strongly about this and until I hear I can unlock the taskbar and keep it where I want it on my monitors, I'm staying with 10 no matter how many times you ask my to upgrade.


Thank you.

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Yes, and for many users this is a surprise - this is one of the discussions on this topic:



Re: Win11 taskbar only at the bottom of the screen - it needs to be changed! - Microsoft Tech Commun...

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This is a feature that I need for work! Vertical alignment to the left/right is something I need to do my job and my office just forced the update from 10 to 11. With a multi monitor setup, this is needed! Especially when viewing documents or using proprietary software that's fitted to the screen size with taskbar docked to the sides of a screen in mind.
Agreed. Need all the vertical space I can get for what I do, plus, for me, taskbar on the right gives me a much easier to read and navigate interface with all the windows I have open than when it's on the bottom or top.