Taskbar ungrouping

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Do we know when there might be an update to fix one of the most idiotic features of Windows 11? Not being able to ungroup buttons on the taskbar.

If I want to add a file to a minimized window I am not able to click and drag over the button to open the page or folder.  This is so frustrating and once again the people involved with updating Windows have yet again ruined one of the simplest features that is so useful to so many just because they don't think it is important to them.  I am willing to bet that they don't even use Windows!

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Yes, for the love of God please fix this! I don't know who's idiot idea it was to do this but they need to be fired. I have been using Windows for nearly 45 years and this is by far the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Did anyone bother to consider that it would kill productivity to expect users hover, then try to identify the tiny pop up box, before clicking what they want? Give us back the ability to ungroup!