Window 11 taskbar icon grouping

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MS - please bring Ungrouping icons in the taskbar back to the masses!  It is an incredible productivity killer and a feature I can't believe is missing in the "new and improved" Windows OS.  

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If you are looking for a feature which doesn't exist in the Windows 11 but it was available in the previous version of Windows , then open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and file a suggestion and make sure explain how it used to work and what change and your expected result and what are you looking for.


This is crazy.  I have spent so much time running through the settings trying to keep my Excel spreadsheets from grouping.  Finally I checked the internet to find out how to do it and found that the ability to ungroup open windows was removed in Windows 11.  I guess I should first ask why this decision was made.


My productivity has decreased and am having to learn non-efficient processes to get my work done.


Please, Please all ungrouping in the taskbar.  At least as an option.


I agree 100%. Now sure who thought that would be a good idea. I am looking for it since I changed my computer. Rather than being able to click on directly, I have to hover over Edge and scan all open browsers. It seems we have some 3rd party tools, but, it would be GREAT to have it back. It does not make any sense. I wonder if someone from Microsoft could explain why they have changed it.


Why did they change it?  Why, because they CAN!  Can't have end-users thinking they have control over their OWN computer; that happens and people might start thinking they have sovereignty over their own lives too.  BillG's cronies in the WEF can't have that happening.

*Makes note: "Make software behave poorly so customers fall in line with the New World Order".
Thanks ;)

So now, rather than provide an option to group or ungroup icons, it seems Microsoft has removed the ability to group icons.  This causes me all the grief and angst others feel at being forced to group icons.  Why can't Microsoft leave well enough alone.  If I did not want options, I'd use a Mac.


Please provide an option to group, or ungroup, taskbar icons.  This allows your diverse user base to customize their device to suit their needs.  Stop undoing all the progress made in the journey to reach Windows 10.

Please bring this back! Not sure who's idea it was but this is a bad idea. I am missing all my meetings since I don't see blinking windows or new windows on the task bar. I can't stand it! This is crazy! Ungroup the Taskbar to all Windows!

@Melvin_Hirpschwertz We do need taskbar grouping for windows 11. It  has made everything easier.

Example: Office will have all the office stuff like Microsoft Word, Financial etc. They should put that in windows 11 and keep for future windows.

You can set yours to group if you so desire, but forcing the setting on *everyone* is just bad design.

Just glad I don't have to use MSW11 myself, but I've already had to de-cruft a new computer for the in-laws, and making it look and work in a semi-reasonable manner takes far more effort than the OS deserves. I could install/configure Fedora 3 or 4 times in the time it took to tweak MSW11 to a usable state.
There are various solutions to ungrouping taskbar icons in Windows 11 that you can explore, such as using third-party software, registry tweaks, or PowerShell commands. However, please note that modifying system files or settings can potentially harm your system, and it's recommended to proceed with caution or consult a professional before making any changes.
Well we wouldn't have to risk "harmful modifications" to the system if it wasn't for MS implementing boneheaded design changes with no regard to usability. If customization breaks the OS that easily, it's time to reconsider your OS choices.
. . . This exactly.
Windows 11 does not offer a built-in option to ungroup taskbar icons. However, you might find third-party tools or software that can provide this functionality. Additionally, providing feedback to Microsoft through their official channels about the features you miss can potentially influence future updates. They often take user feedback into consideration when improving their operating systems.

@Edwordprik wrote:
...providing feedback to Microsoft through their official channels about the features you miss can potentially influence future updates. They often take user feedback into consideration when improving their operating systems.

Yes, finding what people hate the most, and implementing more of the same.