INVALID_DATA_ACCESS_TRAP BSOD at 75% upgrading Windows 10 to 11, Error Code 0x900101 - 0x40021

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Tried to upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 today. My computer passed the tests of the compatibility tool. After the first couple of reboots during the installation process, at 75% progress I get an BSOD "INVALID_DATA_ACCESS_TRAP" and it rolls back to Windows 10.

Tried to upgrade two times, same issue on second attempt.

Error Code 0x900101 - 0x40021


2021-11-02 19_32_23-Windows 11 Setup.png


Any idea how to find the source of the problem?




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What is your network setup? Do you have any special firewall walls, filter rules, vpn, dns blocks, pfsense, etc? Is there anything that could interrupt standard residential modem to Microsoft?
Not on the computer itself. I am behind a company firewall, but I did not encouter issues with Windows Updates so far, so I did not assume there might be an issue with the Windows 11 upgrade. Does this upgrade require additional ports to be open?
I don't know a hundred percent. I was doing a reimage of Win10 21H2 from an iso and it wouldn't let me finish. It dropped me to a local account. I couldn't use Settings to login with an MS account. I'd get credential dialogue boxes and nothing would work.
Why? My pfSense was blocking something, probably their telemetry ips and dns. I connected without a hardware firewall and it installed perfectly in 10 minutes. I'm sure it wasn't ports, its probably dns filters from cdns. Just something to troubleshoot. We have to re-imagine what Windows management is because of all the software as a services. xbox/office/win/etc. Its all one.