How to Print Text Messages from Android phone on a Windows 11?

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I have an Android phone and I need to print out some important text messages for legal reasons. I recently upgraded my computer to Windows 11 and I'm having trouble finding a way to print out these messages. I've tried connecting my phone to my computer, but I'm not sure what program to use or how to transfer the messages.

I've also tried taking screenshots of the messages, but the quality isn't good enough for printing. Is there a way to print text messages from Android to Windows 11 computer easily? 

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Oh, for sure, I've got you covered! Printing out text messages from an Android phone can be a bit of a hassle, but there are a few ways to get around it.


First off, connecting your phone to your computer is a solid start. Since you're on Windows 11, you might not need any fancy software to transfer your messages. Here's a step-by-step approach you could try:

Use Your Email:

  • Open the text messages you want to print.
  • Instead of taking a screenshot, you could select the text directly and share it via email to yourself. If your messaging app doesn't allow for easy text selection, then the screenshots might still work—just email them to yourself.
  • Open the email on your computer, download the screenshots or copy the text into a Word document, and then print them out.

Use a Third-Party Computer Program:

  • There are third-party programs that you can install on your Windows 11 computer to help manage and print text messages from Android phones. Programs like DroidGeeker can connect to your phone and print out your messages.





SMS Backup & Print Apps:

  • There are apps on the Google Play Store that let you export your text messages in a printable format like PDF. Apps like "SMS Backup & Restore" are popular for this. They let you back up your texts and then you can email the backup to yourself or directly print it from the app if your printer supports mobile printing.

Direct Printing Apps:

  • If you have a printer that supports mobile printing, there might be an app from the printer's manufacturer that you can install on your phone. Through that app, you might be able to print texts directly after sharing them from your messaging app

Here's a brief rundown of how you could use a program like Droid Transfer:

  • Install the program on your computer.
  • Connect your Android phone to the computer via USB (make sure to allow access to phone data if prompted).
  • Follow the app's instructions to access your messages.
  • Select the messages you need and print them out.

Remember to double-check the legal requirements for presenting text messages as they may need to be in a specific format or may require certain information to be included to be considered valid.

Thank you for your reply. Email uses different formatting than SMS, so the transferred messages may not appear in the same formatting as they do on the Android phone. This can lead to a loss of context or misunderstanding when viewing the transferred messages on the Windows computer. Next I will try third-party professional software, hoping that they will bring me luck.