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Can make windows virus free trojan free spyware free?

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Yes. All it need is different way of thinking.



Here are the strategy


1. Remove Global Registry but have application registry

2. Application should not have access to anything outside its directory structure. It can request OS to access devices and ports.

3. Basically every application is a sandbox. But it has access to file structure inside its borders.

4. Application is zip file and also directory structure. Not compressed. But it will be always a single file and directory structure same time. So no speed compromised. Basically portable version.

5. Every app has clone of registry.  User has full access to any app.  Deleting app do not have any effect on windows.

6. Recovery has to quick and simple by redownloading app. How do you recover old data? It can be stored by app in remote drive or cloud as backup.

7. Because no app can access to another app in the same machine , there will be no virus trojan ransomware.


Its simple. But the microsoft people to gain some courage. We humans never like perfect perfection. But there will be always some flaw but we must aim heigh.


All apps are  uncompressed zip file in the system. Apps cant change windows or access to other apps.


Operation is will be like this App start and ask windows to load app registry  and then run app. Any modification to registry to happen only in app registry in app folder.




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The Windows Engineers are working to make Windows secure.
There are possibility to protect Windows like using app in the Windows Sandbox , take a look at:
Or using Application Guard:
Or Device Guard:
And there are many ways to protect Windows against malware and it depends on your requirements.