BUG: Sign in with your Microsoft account to continue app experiences across your devices.

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Searching the Web I find multiple instances on the continued nagging to sign into my Microsoft account when I do NOT wish to.  But I cannot find any reference here, which is surprising unless it's just not showing up.


So how do you turn off the nagging alerts?  Or is it really a BUG as I suspect.  I have already gone into Share across devices and selected Off.  I've actually selected and deselected Off a few times to make sure the setting was recognized.  Not sure what else to do.


I have no desire to share my experience across devices from the Win11 machine I use for work.  I don't use any MS online services or if I do they are client's resources.  So that is even more reason why I do not what to or should I "share" across their devices.  

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Are you using Local Account in your Windows?
Are you seeing this message in Windows or in your browser?
In case you skip the message, it shouldn't show up again.


if you log in on this computer to the Microsoft Store application - notifications should disappear , please write if it works? this is needed to properly implement updates and other dependent Windows-related services.


But funny on one of my computers I also saw such information , but now in the settings I turned off notifications - see if it works?