2nd monitor flicks to desktop while I am opening program on monitor 1

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Hi, I have an issue were I am displaying a video or PowerPoint in a meeting to a projector which is set up as an extended 2nd screen. When I select a program from the taskbar (even if it is already open and the window is just minimised) the projector displays the desktop momentarily in middle of video, or PowerPoint or what ever I have displayed on it. I have tested this on my own computer with 2 monitors and the same thing happens.

(I only have the taskbar showing on monitor 1 if that relevant.)


This is very inconvenient when showing a video or PowerPoint to the audience. 


Is there a way to top this happening in windows?


(Btw, the reason I need to open and close other program windows is because the meetings are also live streamed from the same computer so I need to open OBS and OpenSong.)


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I seem to have found a solution so decided to answer my own question incase someone else has the same problem. 


It was making both monitors show the desktop while hovering the mouse arrow over the little taskbar preview windows on programs that had multiple windows open. 


The new windows 11 update has provided a solution by allowing you to select 'never' in the new 'combine' option in the taskbar settings. By not combining the windows into one icon on the task bar and now having each window as a separate icon/button, you no longer have to click on the preview window to open the previous minimised windows. Hence avoiding the desktop showing in the middle of a presentation or video etc.


Still don't understand why windows would force the desktop to show on both screens when hovering over the taskbar preview windows in the first place, makes no sense for it to be way. I like the grouping of the buttons in to one to clean up the taskbar but unfortunately this is the only work around I have found so far.