Windows Updated, Now Wacom Tablet Doesn't Work With Many Apps

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After a few good years of using Windows 10 without major issues (minor ones I solved myself), the Your Phone app stopped working after rebooting Windows and a message appeared that I needed to update Windows. So I enable  Windows Update service and proceed to update Windows. 

When the system restarted, I found that my Wacom tablet no longer works with several apps, including these major ones:


Adobe CS6 Suite


VLC Media Player

Corel Painter 2019

and several other minor apps.

The tablet pointer simply freezes when the app is loaded and won't move. I have to ALT-Tab to another window to regain tablet function or close the offending app.


This isn't going to work for me.


I need to roll back the system to the state it was in before I rebooted it yesterday, where Your Phone app was working along with all of my other apps. Apparently, Windows had surreptitiously  updated SOMETHING causing the Your Phone app to stop working after the most recent restart.
I do have a system image from a month ago. But I'm worried that Your Phone app will stop working again shortly after.

On the other hand, I can't use a paint program without a tablet. So I'm stuck.

Problems like this are the reason why I disabled Windows Update several years ago. 

PS: I just found that I cannot interact with the Your Phone app. Clicking on the text message tab and then trying to select a conversation does not work. It's not acknowledging clicks.

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I'm trying to restore to an older system image, but after following the procedure, the system shuts down and doesn't go into restore image bootup. It just sat there for an hour with the monitor sleeping and the power LED on the PC lit.


I followed this process:


  1. Open the Settings app (you can use the Win+I keyboard shortcut).
  2. Click the "Update & Security" tile.
  3. In the list of pages on the left, click "Recovery."
  4. Click the "Restart now" button under "Advanced start-up."

The PC never reboots. I tried a couple of times in the past two days and it's always sitting with the monitor on standby. Short of building a whole new PC, how can I restore my October system image?

Ultimately, I was able to rollback not by choosing "Restore from image", but by choosing "System Repair" option, which then took me to the restore image menu.

I rolled back to a system image made 3 weeks earlier and all problems solved. I just had to disable Windows Update and Windows Update Medic again while the LAN was unplugged, to ensure that this doesn't keep happening.