Windows Update broke TypeCover - SurfacePro 4

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The TypeCover (or keyboard) of my SurfacePro 4 was working as usual.
Since a Windows Update, it won't work anymore (no backlit, nothing).
This PC doesn't move, it always stays on my desk, the only thing that changed is a Windows Updated happend.


Steps Taken to Troubleshoot:

  1. I meticulously followed the troubleshooting steps provided on Microsoft's official support page: Troubleshoot Surface TypeCover or Keyboard.
  2. I have detached, unplugged, cleaned, inspected, and reattached the TypeCover multiple times.
  3. I've delved deep into system settings, checking for the relevant drivers, firmware updates, UEFI Bios settings, and any other potentially related configurations.
  4. The IHM Keyboard Drivers have been uninstalled and subsequently reinstalled.
  5. I've confirmed that this is not due to a hardware malfunction. The TypeCover itself is in good working condition.

Primary Conclusion: The issue seems to stem from a software glitch, and I strongly believe the Windows Update is the culprit.

Additional Observation Related to 'Microsoft Tablet Mode':
On the Surface Pro, there's a feature where the screen orientation changes and the device transitions to 'Tablet Mode' when it is rotated by 90°. This mode also inherently disables the keyboard.

Interestingly, there's a "Rotate Screen" button associated with this feature. Since the time I've owned this PC, this button has perpetually been in an 'activated' state but greyed out, rendering it non-functional. Despite searching for solutions for years, I found no remedy.

However, post the recent problematic update, this "Rotate Screen" button is no longer greyed out. It has sprung to life and functions as one would expect. Yet, coinciding with this change, the TypeCover stopped working entirely, regardless of the device's mode (Tablet or otherwise).

Primary Concern:
I'm leaning towards the theory that a specific Windows Update has induced this malfunction. My apprehension is that even if I resort to a system format or factory reset, the issue might persist.

Call to Action:
Does anyone have insights or solutions to restore the functionality of my Surface Pro 4's TypeCover?

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have you tried undoing update
Appreciate your reply!

Wondering if this was the steps you were able to do, as I was not able to access your link.

Have thou try the Surface Diagnostic Tool Kit?

Have you being in contact with the Surface Support team via

The final option would be to wait for an update to fix it or restore back to the very earliest restore point if possible or to do a complete surface recovery media.


Thanks Shawn for taking the time to review this.

I did a complete factory reset of the Surface, which changed nothing, the keyboard was still unlit and non-working.
(The Screen Rotation button was available and not greyed-out)

After a few restarts and plug/unplug of the TypeCover, it suddenly connected itself (USB notif. sound at maybe the 10th try) it downloaded the driver and poof, keyboard lit and working.
(The Screen Rotation button was back to greyed-out)

After a few hours, something happened again (I suppose windows update again) and it stopped working, keyboard and mousepad unlit and unusable.
(The Screen Rotation button came back to not greyed-out and activable/deactivable)

Surface diagnostic changes nothing.
I will try to get in contact with the Surface Support.

Thanks for sharing!

It really seems not really a hardware issue though it must be something to do with windows update or something in the system that be best if the Support Agent from the Surface Team remotely connects to your surface to investigate.

Again the support link is:

Let me know if everything goes well and apologies for any incoviencec and not able to help much!