Window Resizing Hotkey

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I find myself fumbling with window sizing across multiple monitors, especially when my alt monitor is zoomed. It would be very helpful to resize the window in focus with  Win + Page Down and Win + Page Up. Resize up could scale the window expanding it by 25% and resize down could reduce the window to 80%. This would also be a great catch all for windows that get lost roaming in no mans land out of view unable to be retrieved. I leaned the Shift + Right ClickMove trick but that doesn't always work for all applications. Windows API doesn't enforce a whole lot of window behaviour, which is good for developers but can be annoying for users.

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I just want to quickly suggest to use Powertoys
download from here:

it has predefined areas for managing multiple windows and I find them very useful.

here is a video:




@HotCakeX Thank you for your response. PowerToys certainly looks like a nice program, but it doesn't appear to have the features I'm looking for. Maybe I haven't dug deep enough, but if I do find something, I'll let you know here.

Sounds good :)