Urgent Issue - Storage Sense Dehydration Settings not working

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We have set the dehydration settings for any OneDrive sync'd folders via Local Group Policy to 14 days (so if they sync a library in the future, it's set to 14 days).  This is supposed to be an automated service that moves content to online-only if not "opened for more than" 14 days.  


We have many PCs, many files and folders across are company that are older than 14 days ie not opened or accessed more than 14 days ago, yet still have the checkmark that shows "Available on this device" so clearly storage sense is not running or working as it should.


Microsoft support is not helping and telling me it's a OneDrive issue and to contact them.  OneDrive does not do anything with storage sense so I'm now stuck with no support options.  


This is a very important setting so that we can be assured company data does not physically reside on those PCs after the 14 days dehydration date.  We've even set some users to 1 day to be more secure yet it doesn't seem to work at all.


We have the same issues on Windows 10 and Windows 11. 


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We also set the "Delete files in my downloads folder if they haven't been opened for more than" and set that to 1 Day. All my files in Downloads are still on my PC after 2 days.