Logging into Windows using Azure AD (Office 365 account)

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Hi all... new to Azure AD here, so bear with me a little. We are moving away from a traditional server / domain. We all have Office 365 licenses and by default (I gather) Azure profiles. We are using Windows 10 Pro on our desktops are connected to a server/domain. Our laptops our Windows 10 Home using standard local user accounts.


What I am wanting to do it log into our computers using the Office 365 / Azure profile (we are currently logging into our server/domain). I understand that we can access work or school accounts using settings and connect it there (which we have done), but the computer is still logged in as a domain user (or, on our laptops, as a local user). From what research I have done, it appears that during a fresh install of Windows 10 Pro, one is given the option to set the computer up under an organization. I assume this is where we could achieve what I am wanting, but there doesn't seem to be anyway to do it if the computer is already set up. 


I also see where we can add a user, but if use an office 365 email for an employee, it just states that they don't have a Microsoft account. 


I'm just very confused on this. Do I have to have every employee set up a Microsoft account in order for them to be able to login to Windows using their office 365 account? This just seems like a nightmare, as they are two separate things with two credentials to keep up with -- correct? Or, is there a way to do it that I am just not seeing? If I did a fresh install, would I be given the opportunity to set the computer up under an organization?


Any insight / help with this would be greatly appreciated!

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I have this exact challenge right now. I see there's no replies on how to achieve this. Did you ever figure out if this was possible? I cannot even figure out how to use the Azure accounts to login to a computer during a fresh install of Windows.
I'm researching how to do this since we are looking to upgrade the office computers and they will all be Win11 pro which requires a Microsoft account... I presume something needs to be set up in the Azure AD setting to allow this maybe but no idea where.
I think this might have something to do with it.
Which states
"Users may register their devices with Azure AD" With All or None as options.

Which according to the info popup says we need to configure InTune or Mobile Device Management for Office365
I'll keep looking but maybe this will help where to look.