Thank you for the warm welcomes!

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 I certanlly want to thank the teems for working hard to get this last and current Windows build out to us. I'm sure there were many Insiders were waiting also. I know I forget at times just how consuming a build can take and then I come along complaining about things that are not up to speed yet, instead of being happy for what actually is working. That being said again thank you for working so hard with these issues.

 I would however like to know whom I can contact with regards to the sound systems in our P C's.. I found out this morning that some changes had been made to my system and the only way I discovered this was turning on Spotify and my volume being less then normal. So checking things out I found that my equalizer is no longer a part of my Dell sound system what was done I discovered was that these controls are now merged with another! That being Windows I guess but am not sure. Now on certain programs my sound is a lot lower then I had it set at. Not a major issue but a frustrating one for me, because I am a true music fanatic! Possiblly someone might know whom I could contact about this?

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Hi Miguel, I think this question will have a better chance of finding a solution in one of the Windows 10 Spaces. This Community Discussion space is more for conversations about the Tech Community platform than any specific issues with Microsoft services or products.

Thanks Matt! I'm moving this to the Windows 10 community.

thank you for the info, Matt!