Smarter keyboard layout switch needed

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Hi all

I've got a Notebook with a swiss-german keyboard built in.

when i have it docked i use an US-Keyboard.


I have both layouts present in the layout switcher in the taskbar, so i can switch to whatever configuration i'm working with at the moment.


However there are some things that are really frustrating with how the switcher works:

- The layout is bound to individual applications rather than the whole OS - when i switch to US it works in notepad and when i open the browser or outlook i will have to switch to US again.

- There is no way to tell the switcher to keep the layout for as long the US-Keyboard is connected and only switch to SG if there is no dockingstation present.


I really think this should be a consideration for a future update. there should be a smarter way to go get the correct keyboard layout than constantly bothering the user to switch with each new application opened. Ideally it would either read the layout from the keyboards firmware i'm typing on. (i don't know if that's in there or not) ....or at the least there should be a configuration screen on which you can set globally the keyboard layout of the detached notebook and the docked config.

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Hello. From what I know work is ongoing so that you can simply change the language of the system which would solve your problem, but these are planned tasks, not yet tested so please be patient. it's not as simple a matter as setting up an app, but it would be a big step forward! thank you for the topic Good luck,
Hi. Thank you for your reply!
I always have the same system language (german) ...just different keyboards on different ocasions (US-Layout at the office for scripting and swiss german when mobile as it is the built in one in the notebook)


Sorry for not telling you a permanent solution, but one thing you can do is use Windows + Spacebar to open a prompt that will allow you to change your keyboard layout quickly.keyboardpromp.png

This expected behavior because users might work with multiple languages in different application let say you want to type something in one language in one application and another in different application. However, you are right about need for such ability to preserve selected language for all applications. Therefore, open start and search for feedback and open the Feedback Hub app and share this as a suggestion.