Strategy for Clean Install of Windows10 preseving applications

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I dug my laptop out of storage and did a big reconfiguration with a lot of new applications, This took a lot of effort. Now installation is failing  for major updates. I haven't got a clue what the problem is but it probably is related to the Windows 10 upgrade I did a few years back on the Windows 7 system  which was on it originally. What I would like to do is reinstall Windows so that I can start fresh, but I would like to not have to all the work I just did configuring it. Is there anyway to do an install while keeping selected applications?

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Hi Jan,

Have you tried a repair install? It is almost what you are looking for - we recommend this as a last resort when updates fails to install, and has a high success rate.

I seem to have gotten lucky. After I uninstalled all the leftover Manufacturers (HP) software from the original Windows 7 system, the updates installed OK. (sigh of relief).