Remove Google Sheets, Docs, Slides entries from "New" context menu

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Since I use Microsoft Office 365 on my Windows 10, 11 PCs, I never use the Google tools Docs, Sheets, Slides. Unfortunately I just need Google Drive and Fotos since my Google Pixel smartphone doesn't allow photos and videos to store within Microsoft OneDrive which is my standard cloud.

Nevertheless I have Docs, Sheets and Slides within the "New" context menu (right click anywhere). They do nothing but occupy space and thereby block out useful new-options like Excel.

I found no regular way to get rid of those entries. Would it be save to discard the .gdoc, .gsheet, .gslides registry keys within HKEY_CLASSES? Or at least their ShellNew subkeys?

I read somewhere that they will appear again after a while. Google seems to force those menu items.

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In case you are concern about your mobile phone, you may download OneDrive and Microsoft Office app for Android devices too and you could use them instead of the Google products.
In case you installed Google products in your Windows, you may uninstall it from App menu in Settings.


I know all that. I'm afraid you misunderstood my issue. It has nothing to do with my smartphone. I mentioned that only for explaining why I have to use Google Photos and hence Google Drive. Let aside Google Drive and Chrome I have no Google Apps on my PC. I do not use Chrome, but Edge. Maybe I should uninstall Chrome?

My issue is: How to get rid of those Goggle Docs, Sheet, Slides entries in the Windows context menu?

Would you mind take a screenshot and reply to this post and paste them?
Are you able to right click and delete them?
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I think I solved that issue: Within the registry HKEY_CLASSES delete the ShellNew subkeys of .gdoc, .gsheet, .gslides.