Microsoft Technical Takeoff: Windows and Microsoft Intune
Oct 24 2022 07:00 AM - Oct 27 2022 12:00 PM (PDT)


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I had an Windows XP laptop and i wanted to install windows 7 Professional

When the file copying process was at 61% the laptop maked an BSOD with tons of unque characters

and it rebooted. Then it maked an disk check process but it failed and we booted it again with the USB stick of windows 7. The same happened , Please help me i don't want to throw it in the recycle bin. Also i can't do anything so.. I want to install Windows 7 or Windows 10 to make it usable

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I want to help out! I dont have a xp computer. Probably your computer is not compatible. Better of just reinstalling XP. Try windows support. Proabbly not a good idea, no one really uses XP
both of the OSes are out of support and reached their end of life.
try installing Windows 10 home on your laptop