News and Interests does not login to my Microsoft account

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for some reason the new feature of "News and Interests" does not login to my Microsoft account.

all other feature and app works (like Microsoft Store, Microsoft news and etc...)


any idea how to fix it?

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If you click on 'Manage interests' button, I believe it should take you to MSN page. Are you trying to sign-in at this page and it is not working?

that is working, it open msn page and I'm logged in there
when I click on "news and interests" and then press the 3 dots (...)
there is a label saying "no account connected"
I have the exact same issue. I am signed in on the web page, I try to customize my interests and preferences, but they do not get saved and are not reflected in the news feed.
Thanks for the feedback. Is this Microsoft account the same account you use to login to your device?
yes, it is... all the other apps (Store, MSN News, To Do) works with me account fine.
even I try to customize my interests and preferences it open edge with my account.
everything is working with my account except for that new feature of "news and interests"

@Alexander_Campbell I log in with a local account but have the Microsoft account tied to Windows for store and other functionality.

Thanks for the information. As you're currently logged in to Windows 10 with a local account you could switch to sign in with a Microsoft account to see if that helps.

Learn more here:

i logged in with Microsoft account and still have this problem.
In that case, I suggest you to drop a feedback for this using Feedback hub. If others are also facing same issue, they may upvote your feedback and it will get resolved soon.
I'm having this issue too.
I have the same issue

@bagetExact same issue here as you and the others.

I've reported this issue via Feedback hub, here is the link: Anyone facing this issue can upvote the feedback, so that this problem gets resolved in upcoming builds/updates.

@baget I have fixed it, but I don't know how. It has to do with the account. I have a pc where I log-in with my online account, but I didn't sync the last months. There somehow I got it working correct. But after I sync, settings where kept, but I was seen as not logged in. Check images below upload at my site

image after sync

Same issue here. Windows 10 pro x64 v.21H1. Domain-joined with work account logged into MSN. I'm VERY tired of continually blocking the same news sources/categories.
It's the sign in method for windows. News and interests can't see your changes because the session isn't connected to your microsoft account when using a Local Account login. I've disabled news and interests but if you want to use it. Go to change account settings and "Sign in with a Microsoft account instead". Plus you may want adjust your interests using chrome. Edge seems reluctant to let you sign into the Microsoft Start personalize page.