Ideas I've gathered to conclude innovation in microsoft technology.

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1 The conclusion of adjusting how the O.S. operates as efficiently as possible when/if it saved/readjusted all current displays into vector imaging in its best form (ICO being my current known technique being available) for fluent, and confirmed viewable format for an image file that if the technology was available to the Microsoft team i believe the transformation of design in the display criteria of the Microsoft OS could implement the best and most confirmed to be accurate usage techniques could rearrange the progress of all possible displays to be in a progressive adaption to show witnesses of a higher standard of display where the best and most accurate file for each file has its duplication process represent the ideal candidate for basis of where multiple files could potentially be regarded to the best file available.

Possibly also forcing the use of the best and most recognizable file to its best file chosen by it's recognizable benefits could also reserve alternate (if: argued) similar representatives to be included as optional contributors a user could have available upon right-clicking the file if they were to decide preference for a competitors contribution could be resolved upon authorization from the creators acceptance.

The process of providing unique tokens for each and every file made with specifications of letters and numbers creating a basis for determining the type of file attributed to a letter, or number, or collaboration of numbers, and letters are used as details to keep as a token latched to each file.

Example: Document files of writing are declared to start with a token name, or title of "D_______"
where as an image file is recognized as initially being named/titled with an "I".

Where capitalizations are used to represent files of origin and similar in accounting for as much recognizable similar data determines whether a file uses capitalization in their/our understanding of whether a file is independent, and first/master version of each following entry, so the process of recognition of value to each and every contribution of data available in our progress of documentation of intelligence, and effort is possible, and [hopefully] available to provide authors/initiators for recognition, and profit [if possible] for all of us to be awarded/rewarded for our contributions.
I believe this would create a driving force for everyone to have the incentive to be productive, and less problematic in our ambitions, and efforts towards a utopia of our 'V.R.' environment.

Reducing clutter, and misuse of data centers to hold onto unnecessary, and invaluable files. The process of making each computer with full capabilities to recognize their participation [and to its extent] each user/author/contributor can find value to have an accountable representation to base their time/efforts into having a unique account unique to each user that a solid tangible data item can be used for conformational access to a non-duplicatable 'knock-off' could be pursued, or created.

Each item would be unique in design as well as access to each users genetic code with collaboration of health officials capable of providing (with their accepted, and documented allowance) the information necessary safety measures for possession to be respected by everyone to handle with care and if in the possibility of loss were to occur than location of each item were locatable so the original one would be returned to each individual. The possibility of replication from an honorable source of secure measurements were implemented to safe-hold any possible harm/disruption/tweaking/alteration/deconstruction/destruction/loss/theft/disrespect/unrecognition/disturbance/burdened/tempered/unusable/taken/trade/sell/neglect[of kind handling]/misuse/etc.. from occurring/happening/becoming-desirable/implemented/etc.., and the safety measures to prevent as many possible precautionary measures are utilized to prevent consideration of any conceivable attempt would be so daunting, impossible beyond any current understandings that allow for evolution of security to be taken with the awareness of any conceivable revaluation/revelation.

Also for the OS to replace long drawn out details when multiple back-slashes are used in an unseparated string of characters like the one used above dictating possibilities/considerable-mentions  to address details or other factors to include are no longer left out of work but are encouraged and the look of the completed editorial of a piece of work such as this is "paraphrased" (shortened) with the first two initiating mentions being used but replaced with a hyperlink that opens the entire included documented mentions to expand like a div on FaceBook when clicked that the hover over affect starts with a number that represents every word used in the "shortened" version of the "paraphrased" portion of literature to expand a look such as "_______/etc.." where etc.. are updated in the current documents available that use "etc.." that include every known documented ruled appropriate and recognized as their purpose and judged to be acceptable for inclusion, and mention in order to clarify, or confirm assumptions with provided proof in order to dictate propper use of an author/contributor to educate, and fully process [as much as possible] all inclusions aware or suggested to be included to each author.

Upon completion of a persons carbon imprint to have a place uniquely identifiable and safe-guarded by technology backing up as much possibilities as possible the value of data becomes a determining factor to entice ambitions of users to pursue further progression and be accountable towards funding to drive their pursuits in life, and find comfort in having tangible evidence of provable recognition of our greatness.

#Example of how this would look:

1: "harm/disruption/tweaking/alteration/deconstruction/destruction/loss/theft/disrespect/unrecognition/disturbance/burdened/tempered/unusable/taken/trade/sell/neglect[of kind handling]/misuse/etc.."

(after translation/coded) = 




The above shown example in "1:" has been displayed as the after affect of a click on a hyperlinked transformed/translated file. 2 Displays what the file would look like in its characters representation (without the included detail of html code to hyperlink example # "2") that would change the look to provide those considerate inclusions could be divulged to a users/readers request upon clicking on any 'paraphrased' contribution that is ended with an "etc..". Also the word document should be able to recognize a grammar defect such as "etc" if "ETC.." or "etc." or "ETC....." and various other formations were used that possibly requires updates into the word dictionary to recognize all alterations of "etc.." to replace misused "etc.." attempts with the a standard (The Standard) that a corporation like Microsoft could set the tone of what precautionary measures a company like Microsoft is one of a few organizations I believe are capable, and suggestively responsible enough to provide the clarification [from removal of uncertain semantics are reconfirmed and judged with as best methods of coding to provide rule as to the usage of grammar, punctuation, and usage of our main language (English). ] . 

That (#Example) would be "translated" and reconfigured upon upload, and saving of a file that places background coding of html to be recognized by all OSs through any programming language with the coding being provided by the writing tool used that places Microsoft Tools the client has as places Microsoft Recognizes ways to include the Microsoft Windows experience to be available at the users fingertips via a legit Microsoft Windows Account by displaying safety measures written into the OS that tackle as many possibilities as possible that've allowed previous disruptions to of occurred, [beforehand]. 

AND: The options for semantics, grammar, and punctuation provided from microsofts own word processing program to be button options right-clicking or a floating window opens any time a form-submit inquiry were to be selected like this current one I'm writing in that [an upgraded Microsoft Windows O.S. were to allow a user to select options that Microsoft takes over the documents html code and the abilities of the browser by reclaiming the possession of text enabled portions of websites to look and feel like the windows word experience and any websites if in violation [of another alteration of todays current standards] of not defining the correct type of form-submit box that details of form-submit includes another appropriate option for less necessary form-submit-box usage when formatting options aren't necessary nor available.


Example: The alteration in the definition of their name is used to be a name that clarifies their code as like this "<form-small-submit> (or somehow else titled with the concern for difference is considered). And I'm referring to the current form-submit html code used in websites when the data for data from a user is requested by the server (such as is the process when creating an account [for example]).


(And entering birthdates/names/passwords are here in those boxes (as an example of which boxes don't require/allow/need formatting to produce their purpose in confiding details</>")


and all closing tags in html are redesigned/simplified to have "</>" as their closing tag, With exception to </html> being the only different closing tag for html [other than </>. 
Security measures to prevent "<" ">" from being used in documents that could alternate the possibilities of how a website/online-app/online-program might react, or behave if "</>" or any undesired code were to be input upon upload into the display or behavior of a website would be security measures for the Microsoft dev team to theorize and conclude to a collaboration to prevent all of todays current security measures to adapt to and provide future ideas to include in their updates to the current platform.

For the use of websites currently using html5 and previous versions to not be affected their coding understanding would be gathered into the best programing evaluations currently used by microsoft Edge to include in the OS so programmers such as myself could find ways to link our work with html coding if need be to online applications I theororize would ease the process of making online available programs to simplify the alterations of codes many programming languages vary in coming to the same or similar methods for providing access/use, and possibilities each language seems to have a use for but hopefully windows finds a resolve in utilizing the best techniques across all boards into its own universal-O.S.

Thank you for reading this, please don't be discerned in your evaluation, this process is easier than it seems and is a request of a goal of any contributions this work could provide, and hopefully the adaption of its better ideas comes into play in future proceeds programmers take into growing the advancement of our technology that I hypothesize has just started in comparison to everything we'll need to implement and put input in to the coding work of the current vulnerable internet/intranets we see today. 

If you found it too much to read, I apologize, I find it too much to proof-read.


PS: The hopes is everyone will have their own key to use in the VR world and it will be beautiful to each person, possibly recognized for its awesomeness by anyone of similar lifestyles/beliefs/and the various differences and similarities we have when we base our opinions of recognition upon things when there being valued/judged.

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WTF? I'm not really sure what you are trying to solve, but it definitely seems to be a convoluted solution for a not really existing problem.
Um its a gathering of ideas that tackles many problems. Such as copyright infringement, data consumption, ways to make money from our time with computers, and an HTML simplification that ends the need for tags to require specific closing tags by suggesting any tag closes with the same closing tag used (and any tag that is a container just doesn't close any of the included open tags until all of the attributes/variables and collaboration of other tags is collected in the entire collected tags being written together so a <p><a align=""> is closed with the following </></> tags used. (or possibly just one "</>" tag IDK ask mark zuckerburg his opinion)
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I see a lot of commitment in your posts and I know that it is worth being helpful in MTC
Thank you i was just attempting to jump start the internet affairs into the twenty first century and provide my ideas to solve of these reoccurring problems infecting the internet.
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I see a lot of commitment in your posts and I know that it is worth being helpful in MTC

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