Windows 10 21H1 SMB 1.0 issues

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I'm still seeing issues connecting my clients to an SMB 1.0 Server. Yes I'm aware of the Security risks of SMB 1.0, but my company is still in the process of migrating away from an ERP System that requires a Windows 2003 Server. I've had no issues with this up until 2004. I was under the understanding that 20H2 was supposed to fix this, but I'm still seeing problems with 21H1. I've already tried verifying that only SMB 1.0 Client is checked the Control Panel under Turn Windows Features on or Off. Does anyone have any ideas? I'd like get my clients off of 1909 but can't do that until I find a resolution for this.

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Hello @patrickwilson82,


As we all know and you also mentioned there are security risks with SMB1.0. I believe Microsoft no longer wants customers to use SMB1.0 and removing its use case in new Windows 10 versions as well and that could be the reason why you're facing this issue. I know SMB1.0 is only option, if you're on Server 2003. But you need to consider it upgrading your Server to newer version and start using safe to use SMB2.0 or higher.



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