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We cannot know anything about this case because we are not the owner of it. If you have any issues about this case, please contact Microsoft Support by clicking the link below:

Https://Widget. Rave. Office. Net/Chat ?Partner=Smc&Requestid=Ad475a99-7264-48ab-8454-59a8bcc7f1c8

@Wolfgang_Spring A gentlemen was helping me we downloaded windows 10 and i was to contact when done i have a case# 

@Wolfgang_Spring I have talked to Just Answer which really isn't Microsoft, and then I got sent to Billing but this person gave me a number 1518499034.  I can't find anyone with Microsoft to help me and I don't want to mess up my computer anymore than it is with Word.


@ was assisted by Dorcas earlier and need some assistance

she assisted installing office and i need some assistance, can you help?