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I need help getting rid of user profile icon on my taskbar. Please tell me what steps I should take. Picture is attached below.

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which version of Windows 10 are you using?


I only have these options available and none of them can produce what I see in that picture


Annotation 2019-11-01 122734.png


@HotCakeX I got my problem fixed. Thank you for reaching out.

You welcome!
I'm curious though what it was exactly and how you managed to get rid of it, thanks :)

@HotCakeX I just unchecked "desktop" on the toolbars tab in your picture. For me it removed my login name and person icon on my taskbar, which was what I needed help with.

@HotCakeX Attached below is the original photo from when I first encountered the issue.


Thank you,

when I select desktop, I only get this:


Annotation 2019-11-01 223948.png



I'm using latest Win 10 update build 1903.

note: the people Icon that you see above is  separate.

@HotCakeX I am not sure what to do at this point. I would suggest to make a post for this issue and post it in the Windows 10 community.

Oh no I don't have any issue. I was just curious why it looks different on your computer but then it's probably because I'm using a different OS version.

@HotCakeX I am using build 18362 so that's probably why,

Hmm same here, build 18362.449
using online Microsoft account.

Account is an Administrator and my computer is not joined to a domain.