Windows 10 Pro - NIC status when Monitors turn off in power settings

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I am new to the community.

Since our business has updated all workstations to Windows 10 Pro, we have noticed some weird behavior. After 30 minutes of inactivity on the workstation the monitors are set to turn off in "Power & Sleep" settings. When this happens, we are unable to RDP into the workstation. If we walk over to the workstation and move the mouse to wake the monitors, we can then RDP into it.


Does anyone know why this happens and what solutions have you found to fix this?

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There is an option on the nic to enable "energy efficient Ethernet" and some other settings that can cause this. I would check the configured settings on the the nics and see if any options are checked that could cause this issue.

We did find this setting and changed it, but it is still happening.


If the computers are domain join then there are GPOs that can cause this as well in the computer > preference policies. Also are the workstations laptops on docking stations?