Controlling of ipv4 advanced settings by group policy in Windows 10

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Can anyone who know how to control of ipv4 advanced settings by group policy in Windows 10?

We want to prohibit setting ip address as manually so that computer receive ip address automatically by the dhcp as group policy. It works that policy in windows 7 , but we cannot find how to control it in windows 10 by group policy.


Windows AD Server environment : Windows Server 2012 R2

Clients of OS : Windows 10 Pro.



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Have you thought about restricting access to network connections properties for standard users instead? This way you can leave the NIC to obtain IP automatically(DHCP) and users have no way of assigning static IP settings.

@Animesh Joshi 

No, Requester wants to control using group policy with not standard user but local admin authority user.

We wants to suggest standard user authority but that is not our option.


That function worked in windows 7 environment using group policy, but as I already mentioned before, it cannot work in windows 10 environment.