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I am unable to see thumbnail images in Window file Explorer of photos on my  Nexus 6P Android cellphone when I connect the phone via USB cable to my Win10 Pro desktop.


This makes it very difficult to move/copy photos to my desktop from the phone because I have to open each file on the Android phone by double-clicking in file explorer to see what it is.


Why can't Win10 display thumbnails for files on my Android phone viewed from Windows? 


Here is an example of what I see:


Win10 - Android phone no thumbnails - 2017-05-18.png

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I'm sure you already checcked this, but I'll ask anyways:


have you checked Options -> Folder Options -> View ?


There's a checkbox saying "always show symbols instead of thumbnails". Is that ticked or not?


(sorry, I'm working on a german version, so the menu items might have slightly different names.)




The only setitng similar that I have to what you suggest in the View options is "Always show icons, never thumbnails".  And that is unchecked.


I tried checking it but it made no difference.  I also tried turning on the preview pane and even with that pane enabled, Microsoft is UNABLE to display a thumbnail of a standard JPG file on my Android phone.


Normally I'd say it would be hard to believe that Microsoft wouldn't test an Android phone on Windows, but then again, we are talking about Microsoft.  Whew...

So as none of the community has an answer to this problem, shouldn't it get escalated/forwarded to someone in Microsoft support to try to get an answer?  Or does it just sit here festering forever?

Apparently it sits here festering!


Always good to remember that when you need help, Microsoft is not going to deliver.