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boot problems

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i have had a problem for a few years now where on booting up my pc

stage 1 is that my pc sometimes blue screens with

stopclock errors

clock watchdog errors

and other errors i cannot remember

if i get past this stage it can often lock up without any blue screen at the login screen and i will just have to force a reboot

if i get passt this point and log in  i will almost always be met by a flashing desktop

this can be stopped i have found by forceing wsappx to end procces in task manager.

i have a link to a github post with a event log of all critical and error logs from a boot that was succsesful up to stage 3 and that i am writeing this post on.

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@ConorWorsnop  Hi

Maybe it's not worth fixing it - think about a fresh installation, but everything will be removed and the system will reinstall.

write what you think?

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