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Hi, I was hoping someone could guide me as to whether I should use MS Teams for my next event or is there a better alternative.


We run this event quarterly with usually around 100 attendees, mostly from my organisation and a some from external organisations. 


There will be a few presentations with live Q & A with attendees. I'd like to have breakout rooms too if this is going to be ready on time for event in mid Nov.


Will guests from external organisations be able to join?


Many thanks


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Hi @Treena   Yes, that's what Teams was built for!   If you haven't already seen this, here's how to invite external guests to your meeting:


There are tons of resources and videos online that cover how to best conduct a Teams meeting, so we encourage you to check those out as well.



Just wondering if I set up an MS Teams meeting event and changed the settings to:


Who can bypass the lobby? =  Everyone

Who can present?  =  Everyone


Will this allow people external to our organisation into the event?


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@Treena The only other setting I would suggest if you want to open this up is to turn on anonymous join, anyone can join the meeting as an anonymous user by clicking the link in the meeting invitation.



@Ethan Stern -  Sorry Ethan I don't have access to the anonymous setting as you need to have admin rights, I'm in Government so it's restricted (I'm guessing).  Just if you could follow my previous post about whether externals (to our organisation) can join if I set the meeting options to Everyone.


Many thanks


They will be able to join :)