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US Government Community Cloud (GCC) Universal Print Availability?


Is Universal Print available for US Government Community Cloud (GCC)? If not, when can it be expected. I notice that everything is run in Azure Public (that's OK), but the description " M365 subscription-based service used to centralize print management through the UP portal", makes me wonder what, if any, dependencies are there on the M365 region. 

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@Matt Holzmann (ATS), thanks for this feedback regarding Universal Print's support of Azure National Cloud.  As you've noted, our current preview is in the Azure Public Cloud.  We are actively investigating the requirements and compliance policies for supporting Azure National Cloud.  We have a goal to support Azure National Cloud, but do not have a timeframe we can share at this moment.




@Jimmy_Wu We're incredibly interested in Universal Print for GCC. Has there been any further discussion, or are there any GCC updates you can share?


@Garrett Brown, sorry, no updates to share at this time.

Any updates on this? We're in the same boat but in GCC High. Is it even listed on any of the service roadmaps?
Update: We are actively working on supporting Azure National Cloud environments. Unfortunately, we still don't have a timeframe to share at this moment as there are multiple components (client; cloud service; printers) that all need to line up in order for the end to end to work.
@Jimmy_Wu I take it that it's still unavailable for GCC. Any updates you can share?
I wanted to see if we can get updates for gcc o365 . Our environment is mixed gcc o365 and azure commercial. I checked in azure ad licenses that we don’t have universal print licenses. Can I enroll or buy stand alone up, for my environment ? Will it work in mixed tennants gov and commercial.

@Jimmy_Wu Do you have an update? Is there a private preview available in GCC?

Sorry all, still no updates that I can share at this time.

@Jimmy_Wu is there an update and an ETA for Univeral Print in GCC?


Customers have been patiently waiting for a long time, I hope we have favorable feedback by now. 

Government customers are still waiting for this solution...well over a year later and still no rough timeline?
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Please check out the Microsoft roadmap site for information regarding product enhancement roadmap for Universal Print.
Thank you @Jimmu_Wu for sharing roadmap update. At least we can tell the customer that it is on the roadmap. Is there going to be a preview our customers can participate in?