Universal Print Jobs

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Why does Universal Print take so long to print.  I had a print job, PowerPoint presentation take 10 minutes to print which held up other jobs.  It printed 2 pages at a time and then paused.  I tested another printer and it took 1 minute tops to print the same document.  Is anyone else having these issues?

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@shereenbYes, we have slowness at times for sure.  If I install as direct tcipip it prints really fast.  Connector does not seem overwhelmed, have not figured it out yet.  We have a very fast internet connection at my university.  

@shereenb  what type of printer are you using? Is it a Universal Print ready printer or ae you using a connector in between?

How many pages does the original document have? Do you know size of the spooled print payoad on the user's device?

In Universal Print, under jobs view, what times do you see for the corresponding job? do you know the stage at which its taking most time?