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 Oct 20 2022
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Looking into it

Please fix the installer for the Universal Print Connector so that it can be installed on Windows Server Core. This is the default installed version and recommended version of Windows Server.

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The ability to run a headless Universal Print Connector is a must for companies adapting the Zero Trust security concepts. It will allow the use of Universal Print at location where no inbound internet access is possible/allowed

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again - clearly zero clue microsoft

Status changed to: Looking into it
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Wanting to add to add my support to this request.


It's kinda interesting/frustrating seeing this disconnect between Microsoft divisions. The Server OS side recommends to use Server Core, yet the teams creating On Prem connectors seem to be a mess with connectors that require a GUI install simply for the purpose of registering the connector with Azure. To me, it seems like these teams are just being lazy. Other connectors from Microsoft allow for this by providing the means to use Powershell to generate a token and then use a PS script to register the connector using that token. This should be a requirement before any connector is released. Stop requiring GUI installs for connectors as a lazy workaround for MFA authentication!

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Another upvote on this request.


We simply can not use this service without this feature, we have reduced all our remote sites to headless servers. As a work around for now all we can do is use an intune package to install drivers and direct connections to the printer as we are not wanting on premise print servers and need a cloud solution for printing, this would be prefect if we could install it.


Also the status has been "looking into it " for 9 months... can we please get an update ?

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Another upvote on this request. We are trying to implement Zero Trust within all our branch offices. Printers are one of the pieces that is hard to deal with within the Microsoft Eco system. We won't have the possibility to renew all our printers to compatible ones and putting a small cheap IoT server would be perfect for this use case.