Microsoft Training Partner KPIs

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Am I correct in assuming that training providers can now only achieve their KPI's based on the latest communication from Microsoft, or can you still achieve KPI's say on Advanced Excel.


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Hi @Sharon_Reed


Can you elaborate on what you mean by "latest communication"? I belive you're referring to our Training Services Partners program KPIs. Those cover a few different categories including courseware, exams, and post-training student surveys. As for courseware KPIs, we only provide credit for our Fundamentals, Advanced Role-based, and Applied Skills courseware. 


Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) courseware such as excel is produced by 3rd parties and is not considered part of the Training Services Partner Program. Please let me know if I'm misunderstanding your question. 



@DanDonohue Hi Dan


Thanks so much for responding, you have answered my question.