March V2 Title Plan now out!

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The Monthly Title Plan for March V2 is attached to this post. The Title Plan can also be found in the following locations:



 We have removed retired courses from the Title Plan after they have been retired for 30 days. For future reference, a list of all retired courses can be found here:


A course number column has also been added to the URL Creation Tool.


Also, another new tab has also been added to the Title Plan called "Courseware News" The Courseware PPT slides that are usually shared in this post, and on community calls, will all be included in this tab. We are trying to support having all ILT course-related information to be in the Title Plan.




Thank you!

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Hi Mindy, I'm a new MCT and I've found some courseware on GitHub (like AI-102) but not for the DP-100 Data Science course. Are you the right person to ask? Should I be posting my question somewhere else?