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Unsure on how to fix this and somewhat panicking. I haven't checked my bank in a few weeks as i've been unwell and i noticed that microsoft took $130 out of my bank. I looked it up and cancelled the subscription but it says im not eligible for a refund but in my bank, it says it's still pending so i was wondering can i get my money back? I'm in a tight position at the moment and need it back. cheers.

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It may be that you are the victim of a scam as I was on 4/8.  Ended up losing $300 from my checking and savings and credit card.  I hope you get a reply because I have not been able to hear from Microsoft at all.

My biggest concern is that I can't get an answer as to have my computer swept clean or what other alternative there is.



@Frozen_Cherry Hello! This sounds like more of a support question than something someone in the Tech Community can answer. I'd recommend reaching out to

@Eric Starker
am i able to post somewhere on there?
since i've looked it up and haven't been able to find anything so i'd like to contact some sort of help staff/contact email
You can reach support through that link. Perhaps through this link more directly?

But if you'd prefer to make a post, you could try doing so here: which is the official Microsoft support community.