Should I be here?

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I recently received an email from Heather Poulsen inviting me to a couple of events (April 5 & 7) which I missed because I read the email on April 9. :facepalm:


I joined this community back in 2020 and I can't remember why. I'm thinking I must have asked a question or sought information on some aspect of Windows.


Anyway, since I am a retired proofreader who has no particular technical expertise except that which I have accumulated through using computers since the early 1980s, including running a Data General Nova, owning a Sinclair ZX 80, a BBC Micro, a Commodore Amiga 1000, and a variety of IBM-compatible PCs (remember when they were called that?) running MS-DOS and later ones running Windows, from 3.1 onward, through to my current PC running Windows 11 Pro (since about last September).


My experience with Windows 11 Pro has been seamless and I am very happy with the product.


So, my question is, should I be here?


Thank you.



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Hello, of course you are welcome here!

MTC is a community in which we learn, Microsoft publishes helpful information for all users. We can help others here, the contribution of each MTC Member is appreciated and needed here!

Invitations are a normal thing - we can't always use them - but it's worth being notified and that's great


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Thank you. I appreciate it.
Dearest Moochie,

As someone who works closely with Ms. Poulsen every single day, and helps populate much of the content you see here on the Windows portion of Tech Community, AND coming from someone who used a Commodore 64 as a young man, I encourage you to join us anytime! You are most welcome in this community!



@Moochie - You are always welcome here! If you are interested in Windows, or technology in general, the Tech Community is a great place to have a conversation or learn new things. We also have a new Away from Keyboard discussion space for broader topics, such as What was your first computer?. Finally, happy to hear you are running - and happy with - the latest and greatest version of Windows! 

@Heather_Poulsen  Thanks Heather. It's really very nice to be welcomed like this.


Best regards,




PS. Some trivia: I picked the name Moochie because I liked the character with that name in a serial that was part of The Mickey Mouse Club program that I used to watch as a kid. The character was played by Kevin Corcoran, a Disney regular who as an adult went on to become co-producer of many episodes of two of my favorite TV programs: Sons of Anarchy and The Shield.


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Thank you. I appreciate it.

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