O365 Network email notifications not working

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I've joined several communities and spaces, and have edited my personal preferences for notifications. I've never received a single email notification from the Office 365 Network (including into my spam folder). Is there a plan to get email notifications working? A couple of previous posts on this topic, dated in July, seemed to suggest there was...but no sign of it for me.

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They should be working fine now, but if possible check whether they are not blocked before reaching your mailbox (for example, run a Message trace if your mailbox is an O365 one).

Notifications are definitely still not working.


My mailbox is O365. What information do I need to give our IT admins, in order to run a "Message trace"? Presumably at least the email address from which the notifications come; it would be helpful to know at least that (since as mentioned I've never seen a notification from this network).