Did the Ideas group get taken away?

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Unless i'm just missing it, I no longer can find it anywhere

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The more I look for something, the more disgusted I get. The Information Architecture and User Interface are setting a new standard for how bad something can get..
Has the new URL been announced? I agree @dean, it seems that they have taken nothing from the lesson's learned in the Yammer Network. Due to the announcement last week i was expecting some dramatic change.

Likewise ... I keep struggling with the new interface because things are constantly changing.  This new network has not been a place I can quickly browse new posts.  Yesterday, I wanted to quickly post a question but could not find the new-location-place to post.  I spend much less time in the new network because of the overall clunkyness.   

I'm playing catch-up so you may already have seen this, but per this announcement, "We have temporarily taken the Community Ideas section offline while we are working on some bug fixes." That's how I got here, actually! I followed the detour link, so to speak. 

Becky is correct, the Community Ideas section will be back very soon. Apologies for the confusion.