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Can someone help me. Am I doing this wrong or does it really "work" this way. OK, so I was testing something in this O365 forum. I created a message tag "YammerBugs" in the message tag area (because I cannot create an official "Label") and then thought maybe I could subscribe to that and follow it to stay up on what's happening. Does not appear to be working. 

1) "Bugs" the label does not cross groups. It's it's own separate thing every time.
2) Bugs is something you can subscribe to (if email notifications were working, but they're not as of 3:36pm EST July 19, 2016). But you have to subscribe to that label it In EVERY GROUP.
3) "YammerBugs" the message tag (not the same thing as an officially sanctioned LABEL) also does not cross groups.
4) "YammerBugs" because it is not an official label - cannot be subscribed to.

YammerBugs <message tag> in the "Yammer General" Box

YammerBugs <message tag> in the "Community Management" Box

Bugs - official Microsoft sanctioned [Label] in the "Yammer General" box

Bugs - official Microsoft sanctioned [Label] in the "community management" box

And one more O365 forum bug I found: if you click on the message tag YammerBugs and you haven't first clicked view full conversation - you get an error. 


Is this the way it's supposed to work? Can't we have a common set of Labels and Message tags across the "Network"?

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@MichaelHolste and @Anna Chu and @Lana O'Brien - Curious if you could look into this for me? I'm looking for a way to tag something and see everything across the network with that tag. 

Hey Amy, 


I've set up the label of "Bugs" for the Yammer group and Community MGMT group, which should help you follow them easier. Labels are used to a group level to help drive search results and reinforce the IA of this network, having the same labels across the entire network would be slightly confusing and a bit overwhelming (imagine the sidebar with 200+ labels to choose from). 


Tags are user-generated and can be added to any convo (you can add Yammer Bugs to a post if you'd like). These are more to help categorize content. We're working with our colleagues on the Yammer team to provide an additional location for logging/discussing Yammer Bugs. More to share soon! 

Thanks @MichaelHolste so there is no way to get an RSS feed or email alert (if emails were working) on one label that crosses all the groups? There's no common hashtag idea like in Yammer or Twitter or Facebook? Each label within a group/board is its own URL? So Yammer/Bugs is one URL and Community/Bugs is another URL? There's no way to see where that label is used across boards?

You are correct that labels on this platform work at a node level. If you subscribe to both of those labels, you will get an email notification each time it is used. For a particular post with a label, you can click on the label to filter by that label.