2 Microsoft Edge Community

  • Problem:


There are 2 Microsoft Edge communities:


This one:


was created for the UWP Edge browser that is now called Legacy Edge By Microsoft and everyone


And this one:


was recently created for the new Microsoft Edge browser (Chromium-based)


I've seen new users posting on the former community about the new Edge browser because both of them have similar names. the developers of the new Chromium based Edge browser are only available and active on the new community, at least that's how it looks like.



  • Solution:



it would be better if this community:


was called "(Legacy) Microsoft Edge" instead of "Microsoft Edge"


and in its description, it would be clearly stated that it is about the UWP Edge browser that is based on EdgeHTML engine.


And this community:


would be called "Microsoft Edge stable + Insider"


and in its description it would be clearly stated that it is about both stable/final and insider channels of new Edge browser that is based on Chromium engine.


Plus these changes:


  • Add special **mandatory colorful tags when new users want to create a post so their posts will be easily identified when they are about the stable channel (non-insider Chromium based Edge browser).
  • by mandatory tagging, I mean a user should always choose a tag (Stable/Beta/Developer/Canary) before they can submit their post. the colors above reflect the correct tag color of each 3 Insider channels.
  • Also add a tag (General) for users that want to ask questions and discuss something that is not related to any of the channels but about the overall Edge browser experience.


** the reason for tags being mandatory is that there has been numerous times when a user posts a question/bug/problem about the new Edge browser and they forget to mention the channel they are using. so the person who wants to help them needs to first ask which channel they are using.


another reason for mandatory tagging is that, even if the user posting a topic about the new Edge browser, did mention the version number he/she is using, it still needs to be tagged and mentioned which channel it is on.

because the same version number of the Edge browser can/will be used in 4 different channels during a period of time, respectively. this has happened between Canary/Dev and between Beta/Stable channels.


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Thanks for the suggestion. I've passed it along to the Edge Insiders team.
Great, thank you!