Microsoft Tech Community sign in credential question

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Does anyone know why the Tech Community Home Page doesn't recognize my Microsoft account and sign me in automatically when I browse to the site?

When I launch Microsoft Edge Beta it recognizes my Microsoft account and signs me in automatically. See number 1 and 2 In the JPEG below;






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@raysim52 A community member's Microsoft Tech Community account is not necessarily their default Microsoft account (sometimes it's a work account or other), so we don't do automatic sign-in. Sorry for any inconvenience.

@Eric Starker I do get automatically signed in when I click on a link to a community in the Microsoft Tech Community. What happens after I click on the link, the Microsoft account sign-in window (see attached) opens briefly and then I am automatically signed in with my Microsoft account. It would be nice if the same would happen when I launch the Microsoft Tech Community URL.




Thanks for clarifying. I've forwarded this question to our technical lead and will do our best to get it answered.