App context returning channel instead of chat info for direct chats on Android

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Using the latest versions of microsoft/teams-js SDK and the Teams app, the following code is used to get app context:





import * as microsoftTeams from "@microsoft/teams-js";





This has been working on all platforms for some time, but now returns the incorrect payload on Android devices (for comparison, it works just fine on desktop & iOS)


For a direct (one-on-one) chat, we would expect "chats" data to be contained in the response. However, the response instead contains "channel" data on Android. And in this data, the `team.internalId` equals the``, with no other IDs present related to the channel or team. When querying the MS graph endpoint `/teams/{id}/channels/{channel_id}` using these IDs, we get the error "teamId needs to be a valid GUID" which makes sense because this isn't actually in a team.


Without the "chats" data it is impossible to get info on this chat at the regular "/chats/{id}" endpoint.


Snippet of missing data in working context on other platforms:

  "page": {
    "id": [redacted],
    "frameContext": "content",
    "subPageId": [redacted],
    "isFullScreen": false,
    "isMultiWindow": false,
    "sourceOrigin": null
  "chat": {
    "id": "[redacted]@unq.gbl.spaces"


Sample from Android context:

"app": {
  "locale": "en-gb",
  "sessionId": "<hidden>",
  "theme": "dark",
  "parentMessageId": "",
  "userClickTime": 1698063884300,
  "host": {
    "name": "Teams",
    "clientType": "android",
    "sessionId": "<hidden>",
    "ringId": "general"
"page": {
  "id": "",
  "frameContext": "settings",
  "subPageId": "",
  "isFullScreen": false,
  "sourceOrigin": "TEAMS-ANDROID..settings"
"user": [redacted],
"channel": {
  "id": "[redacted]@unq.gbl.spaces",
  "displayName": "General",
  "relativeUrl": "",
  "membershipType": "",
  "ownerGroupId": "",
  "ownerTenantId": ""
"meeting": {
  "id": [redacted]
"team": {
  "internalId": "[redacted]@unq.gbl.spaces",
  "displayName": "",
  "type": 0,
  "groupId": "",
  "isArchived": false,
  "userRole": 0
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