Possible to pop out a channel tab the same way the desktop app does it?

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The Teams desktop app offers the ability to pop out channel tabs in their own isolated windows:




Which then opens the tab without the full Teams context:




Is it possible to mimic this behaviour elsewhere, ie invoke the same pop out tab from elsewhere? I would like to do it from a button within a personal tab.


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@seanmc86 - 

The Teams platform does not currently support the ability to programmatically pop out a tab from within a personal tab or elsewhere in the app. 

However, you can create a similar experience by using a Task Module. Task Modules allow you to create modal popup experiences within your Teams application. You can trigger a Task Module from a button within your personal tab. The Task Module can contain a web view of the content you want to display.

  title: 'My Task Module Title',
  height: 'medium',
  width: 'medium',
  url: 'https://mywebsite.com/my-page',

For more info, you can refer to the Task Module documentation.





Prasad Das


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@Prasad_Das-MSFT thanks for your suggestion. I'll be using the non-deprecated `microsoftTeams.dialog.url` in place of this.


Is there any way to initiate these modals within the context of the existing app `microsoftTeams.app`, rather than a fully formed URL from "validDomains" ? There are naturally additional complexities to reconfiguring and relaunching a new app instance.

@seanmc86 - Task Modules allow you to create modal popup experiences within your Teams application. They can be used to gather more information, display item details, or present the user with additional information.

Task Modules can be invoked from tabs, bots, or deep links and can be developed using either an iframe-based HTML page or Adaptive Cards.