Surface Pro 7 problem with the USB-C port

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I have a Surface Pro 7 (i7, 16GB, 512GB). I am trying to attach a usb-c 6-in-1 adapter to the usb-c port. Most of these usb-c adapters have a power feed port to supply enough power for several devices. The problem is that every time I supply power to the adapter the Surface Pro 7 becomes erratic and does not register any of the devices. It may have something to do with the fact that the power port wants to feed the power back to Surface Pro and the usb-c port is not the charging port on the Surface Pro. Does anyone know of a solution? Is anyone using a usb-c adapter on the Surface Pro 7? My adapter has these ports: 3 X usb-a 3.1, HDMI, SD card reader, Gigabit Ethernet, and usb-c (for power).

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UPDATE:  CORRECTION - After reading some technical specs and trying different scenarios, I have found that you can charge the Surface Pro 7 through the USB-C port. The problem turned out to be that the power I was supplying to the USB-c port on the 6-in-1 adpater was not sufficient wattage. I had a 65W power adapter with a USB-c connector that I connected to the USB-c port on the 6-in-1 adapter and the Surface Pro 7 definitely charged very nicely. As a result, I have not had any problems of erratic behavior when I use USB devices on the adapter. I will update this if I notice any other problems. @tbneff