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February 15, 2022, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Unable to Install the Collaboration Recall App

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Hi Team. We are facing technicall challenge to install a 3rd Party app called Collaboration Recall app on our Microsoft Surface Hub devices placed globally. Once we access Microsoft Apps Store and search the Collaboration Recall App, the GET option is grayed out to install this app, no option to proceed further. How to go about this please guide us. Thanks, Karthik Narayana 

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Hi Karthik


Firstly, I would consider removing your personal details as this is a public forum.


@Tim Presland is part of the company who is developing the app and they may be able to help.


The liklihood is that the app is not available for offline licensing, and thus you won't be able to install it remotely at this time.





Edit: Just re-read the original post and realised that Karthik likely isn't trying to install remotely! Ignore me...!



I will contact your directly about your issue. 


For privacy it might be best to remove your email address. 


If anyone else is having issues please contact 


PLEASE NOTE - We currently version is still in BETA (datestamp 28.02.18) .... however we are so close to full PRODUCTION release.  It's been awhile coming but we're getting there.   The FULL PRODUCTION release will have no time limit capping on recording. 

Please let me know whether the current app is not install-able on the device ? the GET option is grayed out. May, I know whats the reason any alternate option to install.



I'll email you to get more details. 


There is no alternate option to install - it's only via Windows Store.  It's a UWP app. 

Hi Tim

Just looking at Collaboration Recall on the Microsoft Store. It's currently listed as requiring Windows 10 version 16299 as a minimum requirement (Windows 10 1709 - Fall Creators Update).

However Surface Hub is still running 15063 (1703 - Creators Update).

This may be the problem for Karthik.

Yes Tim, the details which you have given my Surface Hub is running on Window 10  version 1703

Hi Karthik,


OK we have a  bit more understanding now.  Previously you would have been able to update at your build level …. but the min spec has now increased in the Windows Store.  We are trying to determine why the min spec increased with our latest upload?


We’ll rectify and shall let you know.


Thanks for your understanding.





Hi Karthik, 


As mentioned in email.  the minimum version have now been corrected.   


Can you please test and validate all is now working?  Thank you for your understanding and patience :)






Hi MIcrosoft Team,

I have a same issue, i have purchased not through app store collaboration recall app toll and trying to install .uwp format on my MSHUB machine its not happening my PC Version 10.0 (15063). please
Hi Kamaraj Kr,

Can you please email me at and I will gladly asssist.